First Entry

Alright, so I’m going to try this blogging thing. It’s also my first foray into php, so the formatting or look of this page may be off or may change. Or not.
Possible topics will include:

–my exploration of Montreal

–musings on music, culture, politics, and sports that I like

–occasional thoughts on academic stuff

Pictures will come once we’re set up to do digital photography here.

EDIT: 18 Months Later

The first post was a good guess. I pretty much blog about what I said I’d blog about. I never did work out my issues with php and wound up hiring someone to customize WordPress for me. Unfortunately, the formatting didn’t translate perfectly from B2 to WordPress, which means that my older posts have a lot of white space in them and the quotes are a little messed up. Oh well.

Super Bon! doesn’t have an overarching theme, and it’s certainly not a proper “professional” blog. As far as I can tell, the Super Bon Concept is this:

–take some of the “keep in touch with friends” thing you might find on LiveJournal

–mix it with some political, philosophical and cultural commentary when I am so moved

–milk the “American in Canada” thing for all it’s worth

–put it, inappropriately, on a professional website

–post some pictures now and then

–mention when my other writing appears in print

. . .and there you have it. Enjoy!