New text: more on the politics of publication

June 17, 2015

Running Toward Publication, Then Walking Away, in Culture Digitally.

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Health Update: Suspended Attention

February 15, 2015

After last November and December’s adventures in cancer world, it isn’t surprising that I get a lot of questions about my health and emails wishing me well, often based on incomplete information.  Of course since I have incomplete information, that’s no wonder.  So here’s some slightly more complete information. We’re back to watch and wait.  Ideally, […]

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Some Suggestions for Improving the Humanities Dissertation and Defence at McGill

February 2, 2015

…or at least the dissertation in Communication Studies. How do you improve the dissertation and the defence?  A few weeks back, the faculty members in Communication Studies at McGill met to talk about the graduate curriculum and these topics came up.  But some changes we would like to make would be impossible in the current […]

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More on Cancer, Luck, and Behavioural causes

January 4, 2015

A day later, I’ve been pointed to some nice writings but scientists and statisticians. See here: A few things become clear: 1) the coverage is of the press release, not the actual paper but 2) there are still major problems in the assumptions of the paper.  The “luck” appears to be mostly an artifact of […]

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Medical Research as Ideology: Cancer is Luck

January 3, 2015

A new Johns Hopkins study finds “luck” as a major cause of cancer. This is a great example of how medical research turns social conditions into inevitability and writes ideology (the order of things is given and unchangeable) as if it were science. While there is talk of personal responsibility as a possible cause for […]

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2014 in Review

December 31, 2014

It’s been a really complicated year–some major highs and lows. We’ve spent the last couple days on unfinished business: seeing Laura Poitras’ gripping CITIZEN FOUR (highly recommended), doing our donations for the year, and it looks like I am actually going to get an article revised that I thought I might not be able to […]

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I got what I wanted, sort of

December 18, 2014

So after having three (yes 3) of my doctoral students defend their dissertations Monday and Tuesday, my reward was to spend yesterday and today getting tests and doctoring.  The good news is that they have decided to go back to watchful waiting for now.  I will have another full body scan in three months (this time […]

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