I have no idea what happened. I get it to work today, all ready to install it in the museum, and behold, it turns on. Reboots itself. Starts all over. Works like a charm. Maybe I can defer that big replacement a few more years after all, or maybe I have an intermittent piece of crap on my hands. Only time will tell, but it’s nice to have thing back without shelling out money. Only time and misery.

In other news, Assault on Precint 13 is extremely violent and very entertaining.

Off to the ‘Burgh tomorrow. Too bad they won’t be all excited about the Super Bowl.

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  1. http://viralnet.net/home/1_interviews/lisanaka.html

    this is an article I wrote about the ipod ads. will probably get recycled in my book. anyway, my prize for writing this: an ipod shuffle from calarts! (I own no ipod products now). my shameless pitch for one in the body of the article actually worked! (they also offered me a cash honorarium, but I\’m not insane. a present that you want is better than cash anyway. my thrifty japanese american soul would want to save it or something). so perhaps soon I will be feeling your pain.

    here in wisconsin the cold has broken, but a couple of weeks ago my LCD in my new Sirius satellite radio unit out in the car was acting very sluggish. I like cold too, now, but that was pretty bad.

    I love your blog, jonathan. I read it and baby blogs and that\’s my blog reading.

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