Swimming Upstream

It’s that “I’m so busy I’m so busy I’m so busy” time of the semester again, so of course I’m blogging instead of writing. Actually procrastinating other work. I’m particularly pleased because one of my advisees just landed her first tenure-track job. Maybe Full Professors get jaded about this kind of thing, but I’m thrilled.

For all my complaining about being busy (and a big of bloglect), I’ve gotten tons of writing done in the past couple weeks. Current projects include:

–Proposal for sound studies reader (the proposal is done and it will have the best market research routledge ever saw for a cultural studies tome, but my god, it could easily have 80 chapters. how to cut the table of contents to a manageable size?)
–Afterword (or is it “Afterward”) to an edited volume called Cybersounds that deals with music and the internet (forthcomign Peter Lang sometime late 2005 or 2006)
–An essay for Bad Subjects called “My Canadian Confusion” that’s turned out to be quite, well, confusing to write (will be up later this month or early April).
–An essay on digital timekeeping and the regulation of movement for a conference in April. I’m coauthoring with a student.
–An essay on the circulation of Osama bin Laden’s voice in American broadcast media (which I presented at two different events on two consecutive days — Sunday and Monday. A couple more public presentations and revisions and it will get shipped off to a journal).

Since I’m doing all of this at once while continuing to teach (mmm. new lectures!) and perform various service functions, each project feels like it is slowly moving along. I guess there is a virtue in serial project monogamy. At least I’m starting to have the good sense to turn things down.