Update on the “I’m So Busy” Rant

So awhile back I complained about how busy I was, posted a list of projects and then got a comment from Dave Noon about how I get so much done. Well, don’t get carried away. Here’s the update on that to-do list:

1. Proposal for sound studies reader (the proposal is done and it will have the best market research routledge ever saw for a cultural studies tome, but my god, it could easily have 80 chapters. how to cut the table of contents to a manageable size?)

*Almost done. Should go out before I leave for D.C. on the 11th. I’d hoped to be done before now, but you know how that goes.

2. Afterword (or is it “Afterward”) to an edited volume called Cybersounds that deals with music and the internet (forthcomign Peter Lang sometime late 2005 or 2006)

*Done and does not suck. Got me thinking about navigating my SSHRC grant over the next three years. Useful!

3. An essay for Bad Subjects called “My Canadian Confusion” that’s turned out to be quite, well, confusing to write (will be up later this month or early April).

*Done and it might suck. I can’t tell. If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably don’t need to read the essay, but it’s at the BS site if you want to find it. I’m too lazy to link. it’s in the current issue, and there’s a link to that on the front page.

4. An essay on digital timekeeping and the regulation of movement for a conference in April. I’m coauthoring with a student.

*Drafted. Does not suck. Though my verbal presentation of it at the Milwaukee conference kind of did. I still got tons of questions. The editors there only want a couple changes. I’ll be co-presenting it here next weekend at a conference for the Mobile Digital Commons project.

5. An essay on the circulation of Osama bin Laden’s voice in American broadcast media (which I presented at two different events on two consecutive days – Sunday and Monday. A couple more public presentations and revisions and it will get shipped off to a journal).

*Haven’t even come close to touching it. I have a nice file of comments, though. I’m parking it until fall.

Summer writing goals:

–Ship out the Sound Reader edited book proposal next week

–A couple short magazine-style articles for European publications

–Make any additional revisions to the timekeeping piece and send it along to conference organizers for inclusion in edited book or special journal issue.

–Full draft of mp3 book by September. It’s a short book. It’s on mp3s, but not really about file sharing. It’s about digital sound.

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  1. We\’re doing a short tour and playing at a place in DC called Warehouse Next Door on Saturday the 21st…should be interesting to say the least.

    I\’m really interested to read your paper on digital timekeeping.

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