Last Thought on the Way Out the Door

A couple years back, I called my American Long Distance provider to inquire about calling card rates for various parts of Europe. I was put through to the international division. The rep I spoke with was happy to help me but had never heard of Prague or Zagreb.

Today, I call Fido Wireless to activate our European roaming.

I am absolutely certain that I told the rep I was calling to activate European roaming.

I tell the rep we are headed to the Netherlands, with stops in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Maastricht and we’d like our phones to work in all three cities. A snippet from our subsequent conversation:

Rep: “Your North American roaming appears to already be turned on.”
Me. “The Netherlands aren’t in North America.”
Rep: “Oh.”

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  1. Maybe there are an Amsterdam, an Utrecht, and a Maastricht somewhere in North America. After all, Ontario has Paris, London, Oxford, Newcastle, a former Berlin, etc.

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