Holy Moving Faders, Batman

You may recall a post a month or more ago extolling my excitement at acquiring this item:

Well, I spent some time yesterday actually using it. I don’t mean figuring out how to use it — which I had been doing (and I still have a lot to learn) — but working on an actual mix of an actual song that will be on the new lo-boy album which I am determined to finish this summer. Holy crap do a bunch of knobs and faders make a difference. I mean, I still use the mouse for all sorts of things, but mixing music is so much more dynamic and fun when I can both hands. It’s a completely different relationship with my computer recording setup.

I just needed to share.

As for Batman, the movie turned out to be pretty good even though, as usual, the performer actually playing Batman can’t figure out how to do it. Love what they do with the Metro, though.