Lost Wallets and Plot Questions

So tonight Carrie’s wallet was stolen while we dined at Basha on St. Catherine. Her bag was literally right next to the table the whole time. Someone was very tricky. There were a couple charges one credit card, but that was dispatched quickly and there was only $10 in the wallet, so it’s more PITA than anything else. Except that she really loved the wallet itself. It was the perfect wallet for her. Oh well, back to Winners to dig through the pile of wallets. Things I learned helping Carrie replace her wallet:

1. Quebec is apparently used to this: they have a service where you can replace your driver’s licence and health card all at once.

2. It’s a good idea not to carry around your social insurance card.

3. It’s strangely satisfying to know the thief only got 10 bucks in cash out of the whole deal. Well, they also scored free metro rides for a week.

In other news, what’s up with Hollywood scriptwriting? We went and saw the new Jodie Foster vehicle tonight (har har) and earlier in the week did the NIcolas Cage one. Granted, we’re talking B movies on A budgets, but good lord, they spend so much on special effects, you’d think they could afford a half decent script. You could chalk it up to the whole writing by committee thing, but then there are a LOT of well-written shows on TV now. I think that’s why I like television better than movies. Except at the movies it’s dark, loud and suffuses my visual field.

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  1. You\’ll have to defend your reading. Carrie and I just thought it had the wrong combination of preachiness and cynicism. Meanwhile one of our companions was so disappointed that he went off on Benjamin and dialectics for a good half hour (yes, we attend the movies with other academics). We had to talk him down.

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