The Night After the Blowout Party


Here’s a pretty cool picture, especially for an amateur like me. Some people brought Jack-o-Lanterns to our blowout Halloween party last night, and this evening Carrie decided to put them on the windowsill and light them up. You can see reflection of the other side of the lantern in the window. You can also see the reflection of the lights in our kitchen, and Carrie tending to our experimental sweet-and-sour stir-fry in the distance. Peeking over the pumpkin’s left shoulder are two street lights and the facade of the building across the street. It feels very nighty and modern.

I’m told Halloween is a particularly midwestern tradition, and it’s always been one of my favorite holidays. Last night’s might be one of our best parties ever. Lots of people came up with wild costumes, and lots of people came. We stayed up to clean after everyone left at 4, and by 6 the place looked good again. Today, I’m happy to report that we’ve pretty much just spent the day sitting around and recovering. No work during football. I guess I’m blogging during football, but I hate the New England Patriots, so it’s no big thing.

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  1. and I hate the Buffalo Bills for blowing an opportunity to put the Patriots down. But then again, I am a bilious, hate-filled creature, so I suppose this could have been presumed. With hope that the double-headed monster of Ricky and Ronnie will soon pound New England into the turf…

  2. The picture is absolutely cool!When I saw the picture at a glance,i felt the shadow on the glass is three-dimensional,just like a ghost,lol,and there is the environment in Halloween.Although I am a Chinese,I am interested in Halloween all the time. And I think the Jack-o-Lanterns which is on the picture is a kind of visual art.

  3. I\’ve never heard that it was an especially mid-western holiday, Jonathan. I don\’t know about my favorite holiday, but we always had fun. Since I\’ve moved to the suburbs, though, I notice that you hardly ever have trick-or-treaters out here, not like in the ghetto where I lived for five years or in a rural small town in upstate NY.

    Maybe it\’s more a small town thing? Around here, they go trick-or-treating at the mall.

    I\’m just surprised at the big hubbub about it in the media lately. I wonder who spearheaded that PR campaign?

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