Lost as Morality Tale

Spoiler Alert

So as you may know, I am a fan of Lost, an ABC series that’s been quite popular lately. On Wednesday’s episode, Shannon, an annoying white woman, sleeps with Said, a “strong silent type” Iraqui character. It’s network TV, so you just know because there’s a shot of them lying together in a state of undress, but when the deed happened, I said that one of them was going to be punished for the sin of what amounts to an interracial coupling (nb, “Arab” or “Iraqui” is not technically a race) as far as American television was concerned.

Sure enough, the episode ended with Shannon getting “accidentally” shot in the stomach.

And so, once again, we learn that sex out of wedlock, especially between people with different pigmentations, is a capital offense in the United States. Or on mysterious uncharted tropical islands in the Pacific. Certainly on television or in the movies.

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  1. No worries. They\’re just midway through season one here and I\’m way ahead of them. This season lost me on those first few episodes, but they were salvaged by the back stories and I decided to stick around (this has much to do with the woeful state of NZ tv, by the way, which is made up primarily of British sitcoms and Aussie dramas, with one or two locally-produced programs which are watchable).

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