A Taste of Canadian Racism

Well, after all that stuff about the Milwaukee paper, here’s a letter to the editor straight outta 1845 from today’s Globe and Mail — authored by one Wayne Valeau of Calgary:

The Black-Eyed Peas are a perfect fit for the CFL (Imported Peas — editorial, Nov. 29). What we saw at the Grey Cup’s half-time show was a mirror image of what we saw on the field.

Centre stage was occupied by imports, predominately black. Surrounding them, in the shadows, was the Canadian talent, which may have been superb for all we know.

The most messed up thing about racial politics in Canada are the people who actually think white Canadians are so enlightened that there isn’t a “problem” here.

One reply on “A Taste of Canadian Racism”

  1. you\’re right, it is messed up how people don\’t think there is a problem here.

    The exnominated group (white males) is oblivious to discrimination because they have created the rules and the social language of Canadian society, as such, they are the social norm and never experience being on the outside.

    Add a bit of cultural innoculation in terms of \”multiculturalism\” \”inclusiveness\” and \”the charter of rights and freedoms\”…

    and you have a recipe for white males that are oblivious to any sort of discrimination..

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