Good News/Bad News

Good news: I’ve hired an awesome designer to update the site. Her name is Miriam and she’s at The first bit of business was moving this blog to WordPress from B2, which is evil and unmanageable. Note the new address for the blog.

The bad news is that in the fight against comment spam, your comments have temporarily disappeared. I am hopeful they will be back. I’m also living with the “generic” WordPress design for now, until the blog gets redesigned along with the rest of the site. There may be some other growing pains in the next month or so, but then it’s all good. And good lord this interface is so much better than what I was using. You have no idea.

5 replies on “Good News/Bad News”

  1. Your RSS feed link for comments does not work. The entry feed does. The WP bulletin board, if you don’t already know, is a very good place to sort out these sorts of problems if you can’t sort it out yourself.

  2. Yeah, and a million other things. I tried to change the colors on the template and that didn’t work either. I’m not even sure this will stay on wordpress — the blog may be folded into the CMS that’s set up for the whole site. But that’s for after Christmas. In the meantime, this will have to do.

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