So yes, it’s true that there have been four consecutive nights of parties and event to attend due to the end of the semester, even though it hasn’t quite ended for many people. That was exhausting. Like many of the students, my days have been spent writing. In my case, it was a short essay (12 pages) on “Lost Recordings” for an upcoming exhibition and book in town. It always feels good to send something off, even if the essay would have no doubt benefitted from some additional revision and rethinking. So in that sense, I guess my condition hasn’t changed all that much from the seminar paper days.

Still, it felt incredibly fresh to actually write something of substance after a term of learning to “administrate.” Okay, there was the podcasting stuff in September, but then there was a long dry spell.

The repetition seminar, if I haven’t mentioned it already, came off fabulously and the papers are quite varied and interesting. Even though the course is called “Seminar on Repetition Seminar on Repetition” I don’t actually plan to ever teach it again. I’ll do a full evaluation of fall in light of my deliriously optimistic post last August later in the week. It’s actually going to be a photo essay. For now, it’s time to catch up with Monday Night Football on TiVo and marvel at the fact that for the first time in my life, and I mean my whole life, there is a Christmas tree in my domicile. It actually smells wonderful.