Twenty-Four Content Analysis

As you may know, there is branch of social scientific media research where they count the number of times a specific phrase occurs in a show. We’ve elevated it to a game with Twenty-Four.

Carrie selected the phrase “we don’t have time.”
I selected the phrase “you’re just going to have to trust me”
our mystery guest selected “we don’t have a choice.”

After four hours over two nights, Carrie is in the lead 7-2-2.

3 replies on “Twenty-Four Content Analysis”

  1. Chris and I did this (as a drinking game) with the Apprentice. Every time someone said “Step up” we drank… every time someone said “Step up to the plate” we drank twice.

    It’s a surefire way to be drunk by the end of the Apprentice (regardless of whether it was Martha’s or Donald’s version).

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