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  1. Feels good… feels good…. ­čÖé

    All I hear about this morning is referee conspiracies, but the only bad call I saw was the one against Hasselback on the interception tackle.

  2. Bah Humbug, Seahawks fans! It’s not the ref’s fault that the kicker missed two field goals and Holmgren called an incredibly conservative game. That Hasselback call was irrelevant anyway. The damage had been done with the interception.

  3. All the talk about bad calls is sort of boring. Whereas the Steelers had some truly questionable calls against Indy which they then overcame and went on to win in spite of, the Seahawks did not. Go Steelers!

  4. jonathan, but, what of your true home, minnesota vikings, have you forsaken them on your way to top? or better yet, shouldnt you be following the grey cup these days?

  5. First, I did watch the Grey Cup. It was awesome. But Canadian football is so over now. I’ll start watching hockey now that the football season’s over. Maybe even in French.

    As for the Vikes, nobody ever said I had to be monogamous in my football love. I am thrilled that they fired Mike Tice. Now, we’ll see how this rebuilding thing goes.

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