Another couple weeks, another fix of Twenty-Four.

Carrie now leads 10-3-3.

Most Winter Olympics Sports look silly to me. I’m sure it’s my own limitations.

Cache is a very engaging and disturbing allegory about colonialism. It has some cliche to it, especially the idea that you can never get beyond certain traumas, but overall it’s amazingly well done. We tried to see it at the Ex Centris (love buying the tix there) but discovered that they don’t do English subtitles for French films. D’oh! A cabride later we caught it at the Forum. This movie was way beyond my French skills, though if you don’t know the French for “nothing” you will after you see this movie.

It also continues my streak of awesome mise-en-scene.

Thought we’d pick up some Giorgio Agamben for vacation reading but everyone’s all out. I guess he’ll be waiting when I get back. The Open was great on my Netherlands trip. Now it’s time for States of Exception and Homo Sacer.

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