Advice: Name the Podcast

Well, the time has come to give the podcast a name so that we can finish with the revisions of the blog. The problem, naturally, is that I’m not yet sure about the concept. Or rather, I was sure at first but now it’s evolved.

The original concept (and still the core) was a monthly podcast that would consist of interviews with people I encountered in my travels. I’d focus on material recently out or work in progress. The original title I had in mind was “Cultural Studies Radio” but the problem is that a) I don’t want to be limited to inteviewing people who “do cultural studies” and b) Carrie hates the title. Says it sound “too professional.” She’s probably right.

But lately I’ve been thinking that there is no reason to limit the content in this way. The interviews are still the core concept, but perhaps I will want to stretch out a bit into other areas. It could be a venue for quick one-off musical experiments (and perhaps inspire me to take recording and mixing less seriously) and it could also follow the more eclectic interests like this blog does. So what to call it? Should I care that it be identifiable by subject matter to third parties? I guess the episode titles will take care of that.

Below is a brainstorm of titles, including some lame ones, but I’m at a loss. I’m not bad at academic titles but at a loss in more creative realms. Suggestions welcome. Mike, my old bandmate, came up with the idea for “sterneworks,” which has served me well. I like the idea of the word “radio” appearing in the title but I’m not wedded to it. If you’re shy, email me some names. I could use all the help in the world.

Radio Super Bon (pronounced with my bad fake Quebecois accept “Rahdio Su-pair Bohn”)
Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples
Thumpasorus Radio (I like the word “thumpasorus, what’s it to you?)
Imagine This Is Radio
Mental Radio
The Consensus Medium
Wireless Imagination, Rewired
Rewired Radio (or Radio Rewired?)
In Your Auditory Headspace
A Pure Organism of Radio Sensations (from Marinetti — has a great opening tag line “Hi, I’m Jonathan Sterne and you’re a pure organism of radio senssations”)

Okay, I’m cooked for the night but there is my start.

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  1. great concept!

    the best part is that you are allowing the content to change over time. the moment you podcast something you would have never ever imagined podcasting — that’s the moment you know the project is growing in interesting directions.

    i like Radio Super Bon a lot because it allows you to do everything you do in this blog and that’s a lot. i also like Thumpasorus a lot cause it’s a great word! and i agree with carrie: cultural studies radio is too professional.

    what about this:

    radio with some reach

  2. I like Radio Super Bon, too. It extends the “brand” of the blog into the podcast. I did the same thing with mine – the blog is Tedlog, so the podcast is Tedcast.

    I say go wild and post all sorts of stuff – interviews, music, talks. I like to record classes and post them online. That way, my mom can download them.

  3. I’m really leaning toward “A Pure Organism of Radio Sensation.” But, then, why use just one of these? Your title could be, “In Your Auditory Headspace” and your opening line could be “I’m Jonathan Sterne and you’re a pure organism of radio sensation.”

    On an unrelated note, are you (or Carrie) coming to Chicago anytime soon?

  4. So many choices, though I have to say that Super Bon has a lead both in comments and email. Hmmm.

    As for Chicago, I think the soonest likely (barring an invited gig popping up) would be a year from now when Society for Cinema and Media Studies is in Chicago. But you never know. We have a guest bedroom, FWIW.

  5. I’ve been looking for reasonable airfare for awhile now, actually. I haven’t been able to manufacture a work occasion for travel to Montreal, alas. Say, do I need a passport when I *fly* into Canada, or is a driver’s license or similar ID sufficient? Last time I flew into Vancouver (’00), I had to produce a passport, but I’ve heard conflicting accounts since then.

  6. Andy,

    A passport is best, but for now they are taking birth certificates. I hear that’s going to change. I travel enough that I am seriously thinking about signing up for the Canadian government’s retinal scanning scheme when I get permanent residency.

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