Sick Sucks

Sorry to be relatively silent in this space of late. It’s been a doozer of a couple weeks since my return and today, when I finally could let up and start to catch up, I woke up with a sore throat. Everyone around me seems to have gotten sick lately, so I can’t blame a particular person. But there is a Canadian angle to this story.

You see, we’ve been hearing about this ColdFX stuff, how great it is, and how you can’t get it in the U.S. Which immediately got me interested since I very much enjoy consuming things in Canada that aren’t legal in the United States. The bottle even says “proudly Canadian.” Carrie volunteered to run out and get some while I took a nap this afternoon and I have now begun dosing. At this point, I’ll even take a placebo effect, please.

That said, a quick websearch suggests the stuff may in fact be legal in the U.S. Here’s a review of it on

This is a wonderful product, I used it last time I had a cold and I fell much better the next day, when I have a cold I am useally sick for 6 to 7 days when I took cold-fx I was fine in 3 days, now I take it everyday and I havent have a cold in more than a year and I live in Canada.
It is a natural product and it boosts the immune sytem.

I love the “I haven’t had a cold in more than a year and I live in Canada.” That’s beautiful.

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