Snow Flurries on March 22nd

That title’s for my friends to the south. The flakes are big, fluffy and beautiful — they are drifing by the window as I type — and there isn’t much accumulation (at least not yet). Oh, and the snow means it’s getting warmer.

Today is a miscellaneous post.

Our car got vandalized last week. Someone came and smashed the hell out of the driver’s side mirror. Carrie thinks it was just to break it. I thought the damage looked like they wanted to take it. Yes, I know that rhymes. But given the number of people we know in the Plateau who’ve had their places or cars broken into, this seems relatively minor. We both found it more annoying than anything else, as long as there isn’t someone out there who’s got something in for our car, specifically. I guess we’ll see now that we just dropped $250 on getting the mirror replaced.

Missed Lectures

Here’s a link to the Mossman Lecture by Isabelle Stengers which I had really, honestly intended to attend. Note that the first few minutes are introduction, which you can skip. I’d arranged my travel schedule so as not to conflict with her visit, but unfortunately, the date of her visit got changed and I didn’t notice or something and so here I was all planning for it and instead my trip to Princeton coincided with her arrival. Happily, I can watch the video of the talk now, and so can you. I’ve missed too many lectures and parties this year due to travel. Of course, the trips have all been great, but I need to strike a different balance in coming years.

Twenty-Four Update

Carrie 19
Mystery Guest* 7
Me 6

* NEW GAME! Who is the mystery guest? Clue #1: he’s not from Canada or the U.S.

5 replies on “Snow Flurries on March 22nd”

  1. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say that I really like your blog. I’m a postdoc in English at McGill, originally from the US.

    And, you actually gave us two clues to your mystery guest’s identity, because now we know it’s a “he.”

  2. Thanks “another Miriam”! I always appreciate readers I don’t know. Though we actually work in the same building, I suspect.

    As to “mystery guest,” he was exposed as a “he” earlier in this blog, but yes you now have two clues.

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