On Friday night, I discovered the Freesound Archive while looking for various sound effects to include in a recording Carrie and I were making (which will eventually become part of the first installment of the podcast). It’s a pretty awesome resource, so I thought I’d post a link here. There has always been a small but steady market for sound effects records and CDs, but this one has a certain kind of DIY charm. For instance, a bunch of different people set up microphones in their bathrooms and recording the sound of their toilets flushing, so if you ever need a “toilet flush” you have a royalty-free range of sounds to choose from.

Somehow in that description is an allegory about what makes the internet great.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this link. The sound clip of somebody vomiting for 1 minute and 26 seconds has to be my personal fave. I find it interesting that it’s a male who’s barfing up a storm, and that the recording is in stereo, even though the human mouth and toilet are both monaural sound devices.

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