I really do love team sports so long as nobody cares if we win

On a not-so-hot midsummer night (last night, to be precise), I had the pleasure of taking the field with the False Consciousness for their second softball game of the season. It was by some measures a success. I set a personal goal that we lose by less than 10 runs. We lost 24-15. We were within 2 runs at one point. There was some outstanding fielding — our outfielders had an instict for where the ball was headed. Our infield turned a double play at one point and Coach Greg turns out to be a fine second baseman. We won’t mention Carrie’s error at shortstop since she made some awesome catches as well. Lots of new recruits this year who made their mark. Adam Cantor appeared to go from no experience ever at 3rd base to being a solid 3rd baseman. Anna Leventhal had a good evening at the plate and almost caught a foul ball as catcher. Wade as usual talks a better game than anyone and knows how to serve up the home runs. Aaron “keep it friendly but let’s kill them” Gordon was a fine stand-in as coach.

As a fielder I picked up where I left off last year — no errors at first base. Too bad that I seem to have lost my swing. 2 for 4 with two lousy singles. Gotta get that power swing back.

As for the pain. Oh, there was pain this morning. Sweet, slow agony. I’m not sorry for what I did, but good lord, I’m out of shape.