Hot Weather Thoughts

–I always notice that the internet connection is slower when there’s bad weather. Lots of rain, lots of heat, whatever. What’s up with that, sympatico?

–It is always hotter by at least one magnitude when you’re walking around on a sunbathed sidewalk downtown in the middle of the day. Bad idea #157

–There is something about Indian food. It’s heavy. But it’s still okay in hot weather. Same with some kinds of Mexican. I don’t get that either.

–I think I broke Endnote. Or MS Word or something. Seriously. 45 minutes with tech support and he says “no, I’ve never seen this one before.” The guy’s really helpful, though, so I suspect we’ll be back on it tomorrow.

–There turns out to be one or two okay songs on …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead’s Madonna album. Still, what a disappointment.

–If I wasn’t worn out, I’d post something more clever about teenagers and nerds based on something I read or scan in something for my new book series, but that will have to wait for now. It’s a busy week between socializing, appointments and trying to keep the writing up (oh yeah, and taking care of an overdue review or two).

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  1. Jon, you putz, the Internet is slower when weather sucks because all you Americans in Montreal are on the net! /GE

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