“The House” 26, False Consciousness 13

A smaller-than-usual False Consciousness squad took the field against a shockingly large team from the “House” Friday evening. Despite a little rain, nobody slipped and fell, but we were thoroughly routed. Not in the trash-talking, mind you, but in the runs column. For the second game in a row we had an outstanding rookie performance by Carla (Karla? sorry), who has no fear of the ball and caught some fiery line drives at shortstop. Though Anu, last game’s rookie of the game, was somewhat distraught by our loss. I can only image that to someone who’d showed up to our last game and hadn’t seen the previous year and a half of chaos, it would appear that we were a good team, that we were always in it, and that losing would be unusual for us. Hopefully, she has been disabused of that notion.

We have now been beaten by serious teams in uniform, not serious teams who almost never win (like us), teams that were distracted, shy teams, drunk teams, friendly teams, and teams with several members who were high.


Yesterday was a good day, despite being awakened at 7:30am by construction workers. That kind of sucked. But I wrote three good pages and read some stuff. I fought with Endnote, I filled out an application for pre-approval on a mortgage (I know I’m getting older because I have assets, some of which I do not wish to liquidate), and I took a nap. After the game, I came home, took a shower, enjoyed the fact that we can now get Asian food delivered, watched a spectacularly bad Canadian 90210 imitation, and went to a party that wound up with one of those foreign-film sit-around-a-table-and-converse things that seems to happen here so much more than anyplace else I’ve lived. Wonderful summer day.