My Paris Counterpart

I give you Le Blagueur à Paris, who is — wait for it — an American in Paris. So far, she’s on quite a roll. No cushy professor job or anything but she’s struggling with her French too so we’ve got that going. She’s also quite ahead of me in introducing readers to various things that are specific to the city. I’ve lived here for 2 years and 9 days now, maybe it’s time for me to do the same. The truth is I’m having a wonderful summer and loving the city, but my head is really in my writing and I seem to want to blog about things apropos of text, so that’s my special series for the moment. I’ll get back to things Montreal in due time.

. . .I’m also way overdue on updating my blogroll, now that I have a real one, but that will come. In the meantime, let me tell you that you can score that kind of French bistro menu here for, well, less at au petit extra, but if you want vegetarian bistro action, you’ll have to pay for it at le Chevre. I must learn that “Canadian” characterset on my keyboard so I can start doing accents.

One reply on “My Paris Counterpart”

  1. Monsieur le Dude,

    You rock.

    A veritable tidal wave has washed upon my shore from Super Bon!

    I look forward to the French-Off.

    Le Blagueur à Paris

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