The Sound of a Cat Puking

That’s what woke me up on this fine, sunny birthday morning. You’d think that would be upsetting, since puke on the bedroom carpet is not fun to clean up, but it actually made me smile. As of last February, I thought his days were numbered and instead he’s made it to my birthday. Skinnier and thirstier, but otherwise intact. I know we’re in extra innings, so I’m just enjoying it.

Since it’s my birthday and both Carrie and our guests are still asleep, you are being treated to a sentimental post.

In surfing other people’s blogs this morning, I came across Muse’s post from the airport and it made me think. The beginning of August is also the time people leave for other places. Every year, a group of graduate students leave for other pastures. Which is a good thing because it means that they have jobs or postdocs. But this year is the first year in Montreal that a group of other people from my social circle are heading off for other places. I’m sad to see them all go, because I’m a sentimental person and I like my friends. But at the same time, it also makes me feel more settled here. Part of being in a place is living there long enough to accumulate memories, to have shared pasts with people, including people who aren’t here anymore. I’ve now been here long enough to “remember when…”

5 replies on “The Sound of a Cat Puking”

  1. Love your comment about being a sentimental person, and ergo liking your friends. Do the unsentimental not really like their friends, but keep them around anyway? Well, I take your meaning. Sentiment is good. It is the irony of the millenium.


  2. Happy birthday sir! Out of curiosity, do the spank-happy cats also enjoy having their undersides touched? I’ve recently become acquainted with two cats who had never been spanked before, love it, and also enjoy having their stomachs touched… very strange.

  3. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. To answer the questions:

    –yes, I believe some unsentimental people don’t like their friends all that much

    –yes, cats who enjoy a good spanking also often like to have their stomachs touched. But you have to be careful in finding this out

    –yes, thank goodness for blogs. good luck with your moving chaos, another miriam!

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