Speaking of School Starting

I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my sound studies syllabus, which is here, for the interested.

After messing around with various approaches, I’ve gone back to the required/recommended model, which assures that students can do a reasonable amount of reading in a week, but also points to other stuff that might be essential in the area. I’m going to add a supplemental bib, too, which will contain a list of texts I think are “essential knowledge” for the field. When I think back to the grad course packets I still refer back to, they were the cases where the professor provided a great deal more reading than I could possibly do at the time. So, there you have it.

5 replies on “Speaking of School Starting”

  1. this course looks awesome.

    judging from the great reading list and the draconian attendance policy, the goal of the course (“This course aims to acculturate students to the broad field of “Sound Studies” and acquaint them with current debates and issues in the area.”) will no doubt be met.

    btw: inquisitors, finders of objects, and cleaners? brilliant.

  2. Thanks David. I worked hard on the titles. What’s draconian about the attendance policy?

  3. Good. I just figure they’re supposed to want to be there and if they’re not, something’s really wrong. People miss class from time to time but I’ve had people miss like 4 meetings (this is a once-a-week-deal so that’s like a month of class) and then expect an “A” out of it. Of course, I’m the wrong person to ask on this. I never missed class except for conferences out of town or job interviews (I was auditing). Geek alert.

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