Modernity in a List

Berlin Time/Montreal Time: Activity

8:45am/2:45am: Wake up. Notice new headcold.
9:30/3:30am: Eat tasty German hotel breakfast with cool people from Paris and Davis.
10:30am/4:30am: Catch a cab to the airport. Drive by funky old looking monument. Ask in (very!) broken German what it is. Turns out it was a victory monument. I thought for a moment. “In what war?” “Napoleon.” Oh.
1pm/7am: Board plane from Berlin to Munich.
11:45/5:45pm: Deplane in Montreal. The descent was painful due to aforementioned headcold.
12:30am/6:30pm: dinner at Majaraja Indian buffet on Rene Levesque. Extremely crowded. Will go back to less crowded buffet near Atwater instead.
2:30am/8:30pm: Enter Metropol for Massive Attack show with DJ Love opener.
5:30am/11:30pm: finish rocking and head home
6am/midnight: Sleep