Site Stats

I don’t keep blog stats. I’m sure it would be no thing to install sitemeter but then I’d have Feral Mom’s problem with it (scroll down to #10). The less I know about my readership, the better.

But I do get questions. Last night at dinner a friend asked me how many people read my blog. I honestly have no idea. It’s hard to tell. What with rss and all that these days. I have on more than a few occasions met people who knew me by my blog first.

Textpattern provides a rudimentary tool for logging visits to the site, and so in the spirit of Steven Rubio’s series of posts about the subject, here are a list of topics that have brought people to in the last few days (this is the main site, not the blog, as far as I can tell):

“jonathan sterne” (more than once–I’m famous on the internets!)
“the problem of two bodies”
“alexander graham bell” (image search)
“what kills inspiration?”
“ear+sound culture”
“mock job application”
“job offer response timeline”
“NCA job list”
“list of synth rock bands”

and here I give up but the list goes one for days and day. I also note some referring links to the professionalization section of sterneworks from other academic institutions. That’s cool.

Happily, now that is its own entity, I do not have any statistics for what brings people here.