1. It appears that the U.S. government is either too cheap to hire proofreaders or simply can’t spell.

2. Like our building itself, our street’s been under construction for awhile. There are “no parking” signs up and down the street, though people tend to ignore them on the weekends since nobody’s doing construction on the weekends. Well today, at 7ish AM, this truck came through blasting a siren (the same one they get people to move their cars for snow removal). I think the thing drove around the block for an hour. Now, no construction. Someone is obviously reading their Artaud.

3. Also, it turns out that the top layer of concrete on a street is important for absorbing vibrations that are otherwise conveyed directly into the buildings surround it. Have I ever mentioned that our street is a major access point for trucks coming off the freeway and going into the east side of the city?

4. It’s been awhile on the intellectual property front. After a promise of a response from Sage, I’ve heard nothing. Meanwhile, I am using my first SPARC author addendum for an article that went into proofs yesterday. We’ll see what happens.

5. I got my Berlin pictures developed. They are pretty dark. I’ll try and post a few tomorrow. This blog’s been light on images for awhile.

UPDATE: now construction is underway.