Speaking of Football

Our fantasy team, hosti de cálisse, is starting to win some games after a very slow start.

And my two favorite teams are having lousy seasons. Minnesota’s all concerned about “character” and coach Brad Childress seems to believe that he can best win games by boring the other team into submission. Seriously, the offense is so pathetically dull. Color commentators have taken to pointing out that Minnesota seems physically incapable of a 30-yard play from scrimmage, unless it’s a 2-yard pass and some clever running by a receiver. All this talk of Brad Johnson winning games is irrelevant — a great offense has been dismantled and we are left with a dull team that can only win by allowing the opponents to score even fewer points than they do. Even the defense is dull. It makes them hard to watch. Pittsburgh has an even worse record but at least they’re entertaining. They just turn the ball over too much.

Most distressing, however, has to be the Arizona Cardinals, who have assembled a game-breaking, star studded offense except for their offensive line.

It turns out that the line is really, really important.

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