Quiet Time

Apologies for the flurry of posts and then disappearing. It’s been an extremely busy time with talks and a pile of miscellanous reading (theses, dissertation chapters, journal submissions, tenure dossiers), punctuated by a number of domestic crises this week: our apartment flooded in two separate places and at two different times (the waters have been beaten back for now), we had an electrical circuit go (the one that powers the ceiling lights in our office/living room — very important — which is now mysteriously back on) and our cat Tetrys has been really sick again (unable to eat, he was hospitalized for 3 days; he’s home now but his red blood cell count is way down–we are administering high-powered meds).

We plan to be out of town next weekend as well, so I expect the blog will continue to be quiet for the next little while.