New Text + Sage Update

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This lovely note arrived in my email this morning:

Dear Author

We are pleased to send you a pdf file of your paper which will very shortly be published online in
Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. The page numbering is correct for citation purposes. The
latest content may be viewed at

This pdf may be forwarded to coauthors without separate permission being required from Maney
Publishing. The pdf may not be used for commercial purposes. Interdisciplinary Science
Reviews must be cited as the original place of publication and a link to included with any listing. The pdf may be posted
on your individual website or that of your institution. Please ensure that it replaces any earlier
online version of your paper (e.g. preprint or first proof pdf). Authors are entitled to make copies
for reasonable personal use only.

Thank you for publishing in Interdisiciplinary Science Reviews

Now that all seems more reasonable to me than what Sage sent, doesn’t it?

And so, with no further adieu, I present you with a link to the .pdf of

“The Death and Life of Digital Audio,” Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 31:4 (December 2006): 338-348. It’s a bit of a reprise and refinement of the argument in Chapter 5 of The Audible Past but applied specifically as a critique of the idea that digital audio is a degraded version of analog recordings. There are pictures.

The whole issue is on sound and science (broadly defined as you’ll see, since they let me in) and you can find it at

While I was out of town, a hard copy of the New Media and Society issue in which I published arrived. So I guess Sage has fulfilled their obligations to me since they haven’t figured out a way to affix DRM to paper (yet).