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  1. “The overall effect is a bit like listening to U2 with the vocals removed.” OK, that quote alone made my day. But I’m so old, I once saw U2 open for the J. Geils Band.

  2. When I was growing up we had a loud and complexly-toned upright vacuum cleaner. I discovered, after vacuuming to the soundtrack to the Broadway cast album of “Man Of LaMancha”, that one could then later on use the vacuum to accompany you in the correct key on such songs as “Its All the Same”, and the main theme song to the show, exact title lost to me at the moment.

    I also enjoyed regularly the tones of the dial up modem.

  3. Secondarily, that Ambient Walkman ought to be called the JohnCagePod.
    Imagine the possibilities – “4:33” all day long!

  4. also I once had a timex sinclair computer that saved its data on tapes. I’d then put them in the tape deck and the noises would be, well, unique.

  5. OMG, you had a Timex Sinclair? It had a tape deck? I guess I didn’t know those things had any accessories. There’s a nameless clerk at Macy’s who changed my life back in ’83 I think it was … we decided to get a computer for the house, and I studied up on it, and came to the conclusion that what we wanted was a Timex Sinclair 1000 … the doorstop ones with the membrane keyboard. We went to Macy’s to buy it … that’s where you bought such things in those days, and we had a charge card there … the salesman wouldn’t sell us one, said we’d hate it and never use it, convinced us to buy a VIC-20 primarily because it had a real keyboard. I think he gave us good advice, and because of him, I was hooked on my computer several years before most people had one. (We had a tape deck for that machine, too … in fact, it’s still on a shelf somewhere around here, for old time’s sake.)

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