New Book Arrivals and More

New Books:

Andrew Crisell Understanding Radio — has it constantly checked out of the library, decided to buy after a recall

Creagher, Lunbeck and Schiebinger Feminism in Twentieth-Century Science, Technology and Medicine — mostly history an anthropology, a good collection. Again, purchased after a recall

Peter Szendy, Sur Écoute: Esthétique de L’Espionage just came in the mail. I’m going to try and struggle through it.

Brian Currid, A National Acoustics: Music and Mass Publicity in Nazi Germany — came across it at the museum

Tim J. Anderson Making Easy Listening: Material Culture and Postwar American Recording — ditto + how did I not know this was out?

My parents arrive in a few hours. I have no idea if this will curb or encourage blogging, but I guess we’ll find out. I’m looking forward to taking some time off. And some non-directed reading.