End of a Blog

It was interesting to read the final posts over at Michael Bérubé’s website. It was one of the first blogs I read regularly, though I confess that as he got a bigger following and it became a thing-in-itself, I spent less time reading. His blogger resignation letter, such as it is, was interesting to read. He’s got too much going on and something had to give (and no wonder, given the number of hours he puts into his posts).

Before I read his note, I was feeling bad about this space: like I want to spend more time here (and more time writing generally; this appears to be an existential condition of associate professors); like there are all these things that have happened recently that I’d love to write about but not for strangers under my own name (Charlie Bertsch does cryptic posts well; I wrote a couple and deleted them without posting — it’s not my style); and like I should be posting more pictures. But now I feel a bit better. The reality is that I post at least once a week and occasionally hit a home run with something interesting for my relatively small audience. And really, what more can you ask of a blog?

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