…and a good halftime show, to boot

Yes, it’s nice that the Colts finally won even though they think god did it (that’s an old one) and Peyton’s a republican. And they bailed on Baltimore.

But the halftime show was simply outstanding. Definitely the best I’ve ever seen. I’d forgotten what a great performer Prince is. I will have to dig out my old bootlegs.

4 replies on “…and a good halftime show, to boot”

  1. Agreed – Prince was great, although his backup singers (dancers?) were a bit strange. Also, there was much discussion as to whether there would be a “nip slip” on par with Janet’s a few years ago. Fortunately, there was no tearing off of shirts…

  2. I don’t know why, but it cracks me up to hear you say (read you write) “outstanding”. It has become The Ultimate Sterne Compliment Of Highest Praise. It just makes me smirk. FooNay!

  3. Yeah, Prince! Aside from some tuning issues (his guitar on Purple Rain seemed a bit flat), I was pleased with the little man as well. The Foo Fighters cover was a little odd, but I’ll take it.

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