New Rules: TV Edition (Spoilers)

1. (24) If you have a TV series where a character plays the president, you cannot have two different vice presidents conduct 25th amendment proceedings to usurp two different presidents in two different seasons.

2. (Ugly Betty) If you have a gay character in a TV series who is coming out to his mother, does it really get you any points with conservatives if he doesn’t actually say that he’s gay? Are there homophobes watching the show whose illusions you’re trying to protect?

3. (Amazing Race) Ditto if you have gay contestants talking about how free they are to “be themselves” and “the way they are” in the United States. If they’re so free, why can’t they say they’re gay on TV?

4. (Lost) If you’re going to keep adding random plot twists on a supernatural island, at least they could be weird or surprising as opposed to more pathetic psychodrama.

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