One reply on “Penguin Cam”

  1. I was just at the Biodome yesterday!!!
    It was so lovely, and we spent an hour alone just in the tropical room.
    The key is to go back in to see the animals after the schoolkids have left, from 4:30-5:30, and you can rouse the crespuscular critters to get up & play.
    We got the otters to wake up, stretch, eat, play, etc. The sloth climbed a bit, the capybara frolicked, the lynxes did their thing, the beavers ferried wood scraps to the dam, etc.
    The penguins were very friendly & curious, though I must say I think their enclosure/environs leaves a bit to be desired compared to other aquariums like Boston, etc. They were all happy & healthy looking, frolicking, grooming, swimming, eating, goofing around. Very cute.

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