Tetrys: June 1992-May 1 2007

This morning, I found Tet lying on his side, by the door to the patio, like he’d laid down to rest. He passed away during the night — he was still a little warm when I found him.

After a year and a half’s battle with cancer, partial renal failure, and a variety of other complications, the cancer finally got him. His last few days saw a significant upturn, as often happens shortly before someone with terminal illness dies. He came out and socialized with people at our end-of-term potluck for our students on Saturday night, and yesterday he dined on sizable helpings of tuna and 2% yogurt — we’d long since given up on the kidney-saving diet and just offered him food he would eat. He also spent a lot of time sitting on me as I read an essay of Carrie’s and a dissertation during the day, and later as we watched some TV. Up to the end, even though he was impossibly skinny, he had a strong will to live, an interest in affection, and an obsession with the faucet in the bathroom sink. He was a sweet and gentle cat, and we will miss him.

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  1. I’m so sorry, Jonathan. It won’t help you missing him, but you and Carrie should be proud of the care you gave Tetrys, throughout his long life and especially during the last year. I’m thinking of you both and Ya-Ya too.

  2. Very sorry to hear of your loss, Jonathan. Thanks for the touching memorial to Tetrys.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you two today, how much you love your cats, how much you must miss Tet. I get teary thinking about your absolutely over-the-top gentleness with these animals. Tetrys had a wonderful life with you guys! Ya-Ya will need extra spanking for a few days. Give each other whatever you need as well. Love, Judy

  4. So sorry to hear, Jonathan. I know what it’s like dealing with terminal illness these days… I’m glad I got to meet Tet a few years back. Good cat — he’ll be missed….

  5. Just went to sterneworks to see what you are up to. Saw the sad story of your cat’s passing. My cat, Enid, also died on the same day after a long illness. She was also born in 1992 and was with me all through grad school and moved all over the USA with me and then to Toronto. She was a fab kitty. I hope there’s a kitty afterlife with plenty of tuna and warm laps. My condolences to you. Hope we meet some day.

  6. Thanks everyone, for the good wishes. Carrie says thanks too, as she’s been watching the comments section too.

  7. As someone who has witnessed your cat-loving ways and the proud recipient of a day-before-death visit you two made to our beloved Tibbs, Kim and I send our condolences in the form of a salute. Peace.

  8. Man, I haven’t checked your blog in a while and this is what I find. I’m sorry. Losing pets is always difficult.

  9. Oh man, I’m really sorry to hear this. Tet remains the sexiest cat I’ve ever met. He’s sure to get plenty of action on the other side. Hope you guys are doing OK.

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