Skipping Ahead to the Ending. . . .

People keep asking us if we found a place, and since we’re in the midst of moving, perhaps it’s time to flip the novel to the end before getting there the old fashioned way. YES, we found a place. The full story will have to wait, but it’s a floor of an old calendar factory in Villeray, very very close to the Jarry metro stop, which means it’s close to all sorts of things. And we’re moving into it next week. Which, combined with a busy time at the office, might account for unanswered emails, all manner of unfinished business, and a relatively sleepy blog.

2 replies on “Skipping Ahead to the Ending. . . .”

  1. So Jon, are we going to get to the end of this serial or what? It’s Labour Day already and there are still several episodes to get through. Cut to the chase!

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