File Under Banal: Pittsburgh Shopping List

My trip to Pittsburgh will be a whirlwind affair — about 48 hours in all, with two defenses and a lot of catching up to do. Given the short trip, I’m prioritizing time with friends over places to go, but one can’t help thinking about it. I won’t have a real chance to take advantage of that strong Canadian dollar (I dyyying to go buy a looper pedal or something at Pianos ‘n Stuff — yes, that’s “‘n” and not “and” — or to troll the gear graveyard at Hollowood Music but won’t get the chance), but there are a few essentials that I’ll get at the grocery store along the way:

–Safeguard Soap (same product name, different product in Canada)

–Sugar Free Nestle Quik

–Dryclean-in-your-dryer sheets (haven’t ever seen them in Quebec or I wouldn’t bother in the U.S.)

Carrie would normally demand Heinz Ketchup as well, as the Quebec version is considerably sweeter but we are still stocked from a friend’s border run last summer. And we’re also still stocked on Vegetarian Oyster Sauce (don’t ask). It’s all flavors and smells. Funny to think that after 3.5 years, these are the essentials to bring back from the U.S., and most of them we figured out right away.

Along with Pianos ‘n Stuff, I miss Paul’s CDs, but I probably won’t make it there, either.

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  1. I thought you were all done with these! Enjoy your whirlwind trip, or perhaps you already did? Also, Steelers!

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