Chuck Norris in HD

One other thing. Strange as it may sound to those who don’t own HDTVs, HD sets have a feature that stretches the edges of a regular 4:3 image to fill the entire screen. Most viewers I know leave this on even though it can be shut off.

When Chuck Norris was standing next to Mike Huckabee, I said to Carrie “wow, Chuck Norris has a really wide head.” That’s when she reminded me that I was watching a stretched image.

Also, Huckabee is very scary.

3 replies on “Chuck Norris in HD”

  1. I hate that stretched look with a passion. My son used to manage an electronics store, and when you’d walk in, all of their HDTVs would be set to stretch. How do you expect to sell something based on its improved picture, when the picture looks as shitty as that? Shut up, dad, he’d tell me, people buy ’em all the time.

  2. I used to hate it, but Carrie hates the “reverse letterbox” look of 4:3 on a HD screen more, so I have adapted. It’s amazing, between CGI in movies and HD in TV, how much of what we watch is more visibly distored than it used to be (when the picture quality wasn’t good enough to notice the difference).

  3. No HDTV yet, but had to comment: You are so right (or should I say left), Huckabee IS scary.

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