Super Tuesday

I am not sure I’m comfortable with its linkage to the Super Bowl. Fox was actually running ads suggesting that people watch their coverage of both football and the election, like they were related. Much as I delighted in seeing the Patriots lose the big one (and special thanks to the Giants for not talking about how god after they won–I’ve officially forgiven them for knocking a couple good Vikings teams out of the playoffs), I have no confusion about which “super” day is a bigger deal.

Although honestly, I’m disappointed. The Pennsylvania primary is still a ways away so maybe it will be decided by then, but I was hoping Edwards would still be in the race. Other than Iraq and frankly small differences on healthcare, I don’t see a ton of policy difference between Obama and Clinton, though I think in terms of international credibility for the U.S., Obama has a significant edge. Given the battle cry I hear around these parts (“the rest of the world ought to get to vote too”) I’m persuaded. But Edwards was to the left of them both, and of course Kucinich was to the left of them all, though he never had a prayer.

Carrie learned this year that we have to request ballots for each U.S. election in which we participate. I’m glad she checked. Also, our first property tax bill just arrived. It reminds me of how much I’d like to be able to vote in the country where I now live (taxation without representation and all that).

That said, I’ll be watching the coverage tonight.