Excerpt from Mitt Romny’s Concession Speech Translated into Leet

l@$T Y34R, CP4C g@ve Me t3h 5ENdofPH 1 N3eD3d. i w@$ 1N 51N9L3 D1g1t5 In +3h P0Ll$ 4nd i WA$ f4C1nG H0u5EHoLD R3pu8L1c4n n4mE5. 4$ Of +OD4Y, M0rE +h@N 4 miLLI0n P30ple H4VE 91VeN m3 +h3IR V0te Ph0R pR3$1D3nT, LES5 +H@N 53n@t0R MCc4in’5 4.7 m1ll1on, BUT KWI+e @ $T4+3MeN+ nON3th3le55. 11 $TAT35 HAvE G1Ven me tHE1R N0D, C0MP4Red t0 h15 13. 0f C0uR53, 8Ec@u$3 5Iz3 Doe5 m4++Er, HE’$ D01nG kwI+e 4 B1+ B3T+3r W1tH H15 nUMb3R Of DeLEGaTE$.

I have no idea why I find that so funny. I was trying to explain leet and lolcat to a friend this weekend and stumbled upon a number of automatic translators. This one is at http://www.kfdev.com/development/javascript/leettrans.htm