So much for February

Somehow I thought I’d get a bunch of writing done this month. Instead, I accomplished a lot of entertaining (of candidates and guests), many and varied chairing tasks and a little bit of writing. Which is better than nothing, certainly. After a bunch of interviews, we moved on to hosting Cary Nelson and Paula Treichler for several days — they each gave two talks — and showed them around town. The following week was the MISC “Are We American?” conference which culminated with a keynote by Gilberto Gil. The event was definitely one of those “I can’t believe how cool this is” sort of affairs. Of course Gil didn’t say anything new or revolutionary; it was more that he was saying it.

We are now heading off for the Rivera Maya for a week, where I will have no internet access and am mostly bringing things related to leisure. As I told Carrie, my only goal for the week is to not be in a hurry for anything. That in and of itself will be relaxing. See you in March.