Party Casualties

The last week of my life was consumed with the International Communication Association conference here and a variety of activities related to it. The climax of it all was a massive blowout party at our place on Saturday night. The guestlist was a little erratic. We missed a couple people we wanted to invite (especially a couple people who just took other jobs and deactivated old emails) but news of the party spread widely enough that we crossed the three figure threshold at some point in the evening. Also, there was one point that the door opened at eight people I’d never seen before walked in. Slightly terrifying, though they turned out to be friends’ graduate students.

Anyway, I list the party’s casualties below:

1. That living room white rug that I hated (our mistake for not rolling it up). It was $60 at Home Depot and I never liked it. As a result, it was immune to harm until last night.
2. An undetermined number of wine glasses (we buy ’em cheap given that we know their fate)
3. One plastic planter from home depot.
4. and a chive plant has mysteriously disappeared.

Not bad for the swarm of humanity who entered and left.

Left behind:

1. A cashmere sweater (well, the sweater is fine but separated from its owner)
2. Someone left behind an award they’d won at ICA (now in the mail to its owner). We found it behind the TV.
3. Ditto for iPod earphones (in the mail to their owner in Sweden).

The mess is mostly gone, the recycling is neatly prepared for Friday’s pickup and the apartment is pleasantly quiet.