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I see that I’ve been neglecting this feature of the blog. Here’s a catch-up post starting with something hot off the internet:

Jonathan Sterne, Jeremy Morris, Michael Brendan Baker and Ariana Moscote Freire, “The Politics of Podcasting.” In “After Convergence, What Connects?” a special issue of Fibreculture edited by Caroline Bassett, Maren Hartmann and Kate O’Riordan, issue #13 (July 2008).

And now a couple catch-ups:

“Musica programada y Políticas del espacio público,” in La música que no se escucha: approximaciones a la escucha ambiental, ed. Marta García Quiñones, 39-53. Barcelona: Orquestra del Caos, 2008. (This piece is a Spanish translation of “Urban Media and the Politics of Sound Space”).

“Media or Instruments? Yes.” Offscreen 11:8-9 (Aug/Sept 2007) (Note: this is an English-language republication of “Pour en finir avec la fidélité (les médias sont des instruments)”)