Two New Blogs on Books + One on Speech

This is overdue, but I am pleased to announce two new blogs on the future of books by friends who are also publishing books on books this summer, Andrew Piper and Ted Striphas.


The Book Report


The Late Age of Print

and on a not-totally-unrelated topic:


Okay, I’m off to California for two weeks. Tour dates are on sterneworks as always. I might blog, but I might also just do the status update thing on Facebook.

3 replies on “Two New Blogs on Books + One on Speech”

  1. cool, thanks for the links to the new blogs and enjoy it here in california.

    jonathan, i’m gonna just come out and say it – have you considered twitter? for the longest time i thought it was the stupidest thing, but once i tried it, i got it. there’s something about its architecture that is very, very powerful. just a suggestion!

  2. Thanks Jonathan for the connection. Ted, very much enjoying your blog and really looking forward to having a look at your book.

    It seems to be a classic case of two people who have never crossed paths following a very similar line of inquiry — understanding the continued vitality of the book — from two very different perspectives, one historical, one topical. A great resource, thanks.

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