Good News, Fishing for Bad

Brazil was amazing, as expected. Rio is a very interesting and intense city, my hosts were wonderful, the experience was totally unforgettable and I hope to go back. My visa is good for 10 years.

Yesterday I went to the radiation oncologist for followup. He pronounced me fine and said not to come back; and to email him if I have any issues. Apparently my remaining voice issues (compared with May — the issues I had in May were related to paralysis that’s not going away) are related to dryness that may persist for six months or more. Good to know. Otherwise, things are healing up well and apparently the 85 spf sunblock I put on each day is working. Unfortunately, soon it will be time for new scans — MRI or CT, which means doctors go fishing for problems, which in turn will mean more tests to confirm data found in those tests. Ugh. Probably, though, I will have a respite until December.

Back to catching up on email; it’s going to take days to get through this backlog.

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