At last! A lo-boy record!

I’m used to books taking many years to finish, but lo-boy three has taken much longer than we expected when we laid down most of the tracks in the summer of 2004. “Six years in the making” is overselling and pretentious — especially since it spent most of those six years languishing on hard drives waiting for Mike and I to finish it. But in the summer of 2009 we got it 99% done and I handled the rest when I was well enough to do it this spring and summer. I am delighted to have it done and quite pleased with how is sounds.

Listen to the whole record at the bandcamp site. From there, you can download it for any price, including free (for the “price” of your email, which we will only use to contact you if there’s more new lo-boy in the future). It is also available in hardcopy from CDBaby and in pay-for-digital form from iTunes and Amazon.

Also, the album art by Allan Mcleod is really stunning.

In case you’re wondering, the “explicit” label was required for Werner Herzog because we used the word “fuckers” once. But it was for artistic reasons, I assure you.

In another post, I will write up a few recording notes for the curious.

PS — If you haven’t downloaded 2003’s Ballet of Trucks, it’s still fresh.

PPS — Other new music and audio will be up in the coming weeks.

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  1. Just downloaded the lo-boy… pumped to hear it.
    after all these years I’m finally getting my pick playing together!

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